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Upcoming: Odyssée privée  


From  the 28th of April until 28th of May work by our network frank* ( will be on display at 

Museum Gelnhausen 

Stadtschreiberei 3 

63571 Gelnhausen

Opening: 19:00 

Happy to contribute selected works. 


Invitation Artwork by Ekatarina Leo 

Frankfurt City Artist Registry   

03/19/23:  The official Frankfurt City Artist Registry has now listed me with a name entry 

Stay tuned - Upcoming exhibitions  

02/27/23: Currently working in the studio preparing for upcoming exhihbitions. Also happy to be active in Artist Network Frank* ( . 

Places and times to follow soon


I thought I was an Alien

Group show curated by Justine Otto

Thanks for the invitation to this group show with many valued colleagues. Two recent works of mine will be on view.  Very much  looking forward to it. 

Vernissage 26.11.2022 , 16:00 

Polarraum, Hamburg

Alien einladung DIN A4 (3).jpg

Nut & Feder Press 

10/20/22:  Frankfurter Neue Presse

Article by Alexandra Flieth


Nut & Feder: Finissage  


We are happy to invite you to the finissage of the exhibition where the catalogue will be presented. 

10.Nov 2022, 17:00 

Artist talk at 18:00 

Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt 

Zum Gottschalkhof 3, 60594 Frankfurt am Main 



On view: Nut & Feder 

Exhibition of the new works as part of the exhibition series "Gemischtes Doppel (Mixed Double)" with Oliver Tüchsen. 

Oberfinanzdirektion Frankfurt 

Zum Gottschalkhof 3, 60594 Frankfurt am Main 

every day from 17:00 to 20:00 , weekends 12:00 - 18:00

 On view now until 10.Nov 2022. 


Nut & Feder Press 

10/17/22:  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 


Article by Christoph Schütte


Schnell & Dreckig


exhihbition in three chapters with works by 


E.M.C. Collard   Isabel Friedrich   Ekatarina Leo   Julia Roppel   Sarah Schoderer Eva Schwab   Sigi am Thor   

Tatiana Urban   Toni Wombacher

Sunday, 25. September, 2. October und 9. October 

2 pm until dawn 



Orber Str. 63

60386 Frankfurt/Main                          


News from DKB 

Deutscher Kuenstlerbund has invited me and other scholarship holders to a networking conference in Berlin, where our work will be presented as part of a novel "meta index". Stay tuned for updates. 

Event is hosted by Dr. Susanne Jaschko und Michael Kress


BLOOM: soul Finissage 
with Artist Interview

Sonntag, 27.03.2022, 16h  
Frankfurter St
r. 13 

63500 Seligenstadt



BLOOM:soul press im Kunstforum Seligenstadt

01/22:  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 

01/22: Offenbacher Post (and others ):


BLOOM im Studio West der Kunsthalle Darmstadt

12/21: publication of  Kunsthalle Darmstadt for group show  BLOOM in its  Studio West: Link



Stipendium des Deutschen Kuenstlerbundes

11/21: It is a great honour that my portfolio

"C'est la vie Photographie 2"  has been awarded a Scholarship by the DKB. 

bePart Atelier Montez, Rome

11/21: My work was selected for "the largest art gallery in the world". Link


Four on a wall - "Vier an einer Wand"

7/20: The AtelierFrankfurt commissions the four artists Tatjana Urban, Julia Roppel, Ekatarina Leo and Sigi am Thor to create a mural on the ground floor of the building.


10 Fragen an Sigi am Thor 

Interview des Blogs StadtKind Frankfurt mit Atelier Frankfurt Künstlern aus Anlass der Openstudios , AtelierFrankfurt 2019 :

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